The Creemore Portrait Project

Have just finished my portrait of Helen Blackburn, a well known resident of Creemore, who has been researching the local history and has written a monthly article in the local paper fo many years.   The project is curated by portrait painter, Sara Sniderhan, and is supported by the Purple Hills Arts and Historical Society and the Curiosity House Book Store.  The portraits will be published in a book which will come out in September 2015 and be shown at the Creemore Arts Festival.     My portrait is of red clay and has been fired successfully - always a bit of a risk there! The portraits are not to be shown until the publication of the book. 

Painting with the Past 2

Am participating in this exhibit at the Thornbury Library which opens today June 6 and runs until the end of August.  It's a great space to show, and the exhibit by local artists is really interesting.   All of us make reference to historical works of art, mine being the illuminated manuscripts, the Bayeux Tapestry and the Expressionist painter Franz Marc.   Hope you can visit.



There has been a period of website inactivity which I need to rectify by adding images of the busts I sculpted first two Anglican bishops of Toronto. They had been commssioned by Royal St. George's College, Toronto.   They were successfully installed and, in May 2013, a ceremony of blessing took place conducted by the current Anglican bishop of Toronto.  The busts are installed in the college's chapel in sconces on the rear wall.  

Return from Brussels

Have just returned from Belgium where I have spent the last six weeks visiting galleries and marvelling at Art Nouveau buildings.    Am ready to start back to work on my sculpture and painting, in particular a commission for two lifesize busts of the first two bishops of Toronto.    


       The opening of my show at the Mad & Noisy Gallery in Creemore, Ontario is on Saturday, October 29, from 2-5 pm, and continues until November 21, 2011.   You're invited !

Artists against the Mega Quarry

Am taking part in the show of Artists against the Mega Quarry, this weekend at the North of 89 Studio Tour at Sandi Wong's Open Studio, and again on October 16th at the big event Foodstock: Save the Land That Feeds Us in Mulmur.   This proposal for a Mega Quarry just north of Shelburne Ontario  is something we all have to fight.

Purple Hills Studio Tour

My studio in Glen Huron is on the Purple Hills Studio Tour which is based in Creemore, Ontario and the surrounding area.   The Tour is on September 24th and 25th, from 10 am to 5 pm each day.  

I have invited painter Jenn Wilkins of the Tremont Studios in Collingwood to join me.   We're all set up now and we're looking forward to meeting old and new friends.  

Come and join us for a cup of hot cider.

WW II Monument - Italian Campaign

My proposal for a sculptural monument to commemorate the WWII Italian Campaign wasn't one of those chosen for the next step of the competition.    I'm naturally disappointed but am looking forward to hearing more news of the competition and seeing their new website.   I wish them every success in this endeavour.

'Paint-in' fundraiser to fight mega quarry

Yesterday I participated in a 'paint in', a fundraiser for the fight against the mega quarry proposed for this beautiful and bountiful farmland just north of Shelburne Ontario.     There was a big turnout from artists and the general public in support of the fight.  

We had a choice of various spots for painting: a horse ranch, ponds at the Unicamp, views of farms and chance to see bobolinks, and another a wide panoramic long distance view.   I did a watercolour of the panoramic scene and, at the close of the event, returned to my studio to start a sculpture of a horse.  This one will be in porcelain.  What a great day.

Italian Campaign WWII Monument

I have received a request to make a submssion for a monument to commemorate the Canadian Forces who took part in the Italian campaign in World War II.  This is just the first step of the competition being held by a group of people of Italian heritage in Toronto.   Not having much knowledge about the campaign I have been doing a lot of research, spending last weekend at the War Museum in Ottawa where I had access to the archives.   There is also a huge amount of information on the internet and many books and publications - all helpful.

Sketches and a short description of proposals are all that is needed at this early stage, and these have to be submitted by June 27th.  I'm working on it and hope to have my proposal in this coming Monday.

ROM Symposium on Mediaeval Studies

Yesterday my porcelain sculptures of boats and ships were on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto at their one-day symposium on Mediaeval Studies.   The source of images for my ships are mediaevel illuminated manuscripts.  I was delighted to be in the company of so many people with deep interest and knowledge of the era.

Primavera Concerts and Int'l Women's Day

On March  5, after the close of my exhibition at the Burlington Art Centre, five pieces were shown in St. Catharines to accompany the Primavera Concerts at St. Barnabas Church.   It was a day of glorious music by MUSATHENA, the Oriana Women's Choir, and soprano soloist Agnes Zsigovics with the Classical Music Consort, plus a talk by Dr. Karin di Bella, Dept of Music, Brock University.  I felt honoured to be in such company.  An exciting day.

Mad & Noisy Gallery at the Gladstone Hotel

The Mad & Noisy Gallery of Creemore, Ont.  will be having a satellite exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street W. Toronto from Feb 11-22.   Please join us at the opening reception on Feb 11 from 7-10 pm

One or two of the artists will be present each day from 12-5 pm.  I'll be there on February 16.


The village of Creemore is known for its Mad & Noisy Gallery as well as its Creemore Springs beer!

We all look forward to seeing you at this great venue.


Jancso Exhibition at the Burlington Art Centre

I am Currently showing at the Burlington Art Centre, Burlington Ontario from January 29 to February 27 2011

A fleet of porcelain ships inspired by images found in medieval illuminated manuscripts and the Bayeux tapesty.

A 'walk around' on Feb 2 and an open reception on February 27.