Juliet is an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art in the Fine Arts program, winning the Elizabeth Bradford Holbrook prize for sculpture. 

She taught sculpture and painting for many years at the Dundas Valley School of Art and at the Burlington Art Centre, and shows extensively throughout Ontario. She was an active member of the Mad and Noisy Gallery a cooperative in Creemore. Ontario which has unfortunately recently disbanded.  Her studio is in nearby Glen Huron, Ontario, Canada.  She continues to work on various private commissions.

"My main work is in sculpture - in bronze, clay, resin and ciment fondu. Painting, in acrylic and watercolour, is also very much part of my life. I work in an old converted barn - the massive stone walls surrounding me bring a sense of peace.

I have several works in public places, including a bronze statue of two children leapfrogging, in the Children's Garden in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto; a large bronze portrait of donor Michael G. DeGroote in McMaster University's Atrium; and the memorial to Bev Mulkewich in the Burlington Baptist Church, Ontario, and a bronze family grouping at the entrance of the Toronto Necropolis, and portrait busts of the first two Anglican bishops of Toronto, Strachan and Bethune, at St. George's College, Toronto.

My exploration of medieval illuminated manuscripts continues, with much delight.  The images I find there have been the inspiration for a series of sculptures - the most recent being a flotilla of ships. I have created them in porcelain, a material I chose for its bright whiteness which I have then highlighted with gold leaf."